Live Search GET api/layout?

Is there a way to Live Search the regions and playlist via the api?

Need a way to inline search what is becoming a bigger and bigger list of data.

Can you explain further? I’m not clear exactly what you’re asking for here.

I think you might be after a /api/playlist/?search method? Which takes a layoutId as an optional parameter?

Hi Dan,

This explains it a bit, not the best example. A better example of it in action is the Google search engine. As you type data in, the results being displayed match what you are looking for. (In my version the results are a dropdown list below the text box. See Image) This way a user can use a text box as a way to search for and then submit information, right in one input field.

I am just wondering about the ability to do this with ajax and the API. I can picture it in a long round about resource intensive way, but I am hoping for something better.

I don’t think the /api/playlist/?search is what I am after.

Oh I see - there isn’t any reason you couldn’t do that with the existing API routes, provided you properly debounced the field you used.

We’d like to include some of these types of dropdown in the UI we already have and will be doing exactly as i’ve said - debouncing the query.