Linux: Xibo player HTTP refused

HI everybody.
I am using xibo player on ubuntu-core !
I can see the splash screen.
I have configured the files cmsSettings.xml and playerSettings.xml but I have an error:

HTTP refused.

The server is located on my desktop in a docker container.
From my laptop, I can reach the server with a xibo player launched from the host (Ubuntu 20.04 desktop).

From the ubuntu core device, I check with nmap the ports opened on my laptop but the 9505 port seems to be closed whereas it is opened.

I can not find the player’s log on the ubuntu core device.

Please help.

Thanks !

Have you found a solution? I’m in the same situation. CMS is on an Ubuntu server on Docker. Xibo-player installed through snap on another box running Ubuntu Desktop. Splash screen shows and the options dialogue comes up. Input the address, key and local folder but it returns “Connection refused”, no matter what I do. Other players connect and are authorized without issue. I would also like some help with this issue.

I’ve resolved this “issue”. Actually, I created the problem when I assigned the Linux Client an in-use static IP address, causing an IP conflict. Doh! Once the address conflict was resolved, everything works as expected.

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