Linux/Ubuntu Player

Is there any update on the linux/ubuntu player. On the website there is hoping for late 2017

We’re hard at work bringing back the Ubuntu Player!
Xibo used to run on Ubuntu and we’re very sorry we had to discontinue that Player.
We are working hard to bring it back and hope to have a player available late 2017.

The issue that i now have is that the windows player will not work. I need to show a webpage which is using SSE (Server Side Events) and microsoft isn’t supporting this HTML5 feature. And with 1.8 there is no option to use Chrome as web render engine anymore.
So a bit hoping that the linux/ubuntu player won’t has this issue.

And it is better for my licence management :wink:

We’re still working on it.

When we have something to announce, we will do so via the website, social media and the Community site!