Linux setup with root access. linux reboot

We have followed the install instructions for xibo for linux but did not see how to make sure it is given root access.
Can anyone help on how to grant root access?

Side question if anyone has found a workaround for reboot commands as they are not available yet. I wasn’t sure if anyone had some other way they are handling these types of things.

are you have any issue after the installation? …when you say linux setup, are you talking about the CMS or the client player? also what version of xibo CMS / PLAYER…maybe you need to give WRITE ACCESS not root access.

We are using Xibo for the cloud CMS and we are setting up the Client Player (sorry).
I am trying to get the version of the player from my partner.

We are on version 1.8.5

The Player runs in the snap environment as the user you launch it as. It doesn’t have access to administrative functions.

As long as the user we have to login as is an administrator we shouldn’t have an issue?
So is it just that the commands aren’t supported yet or is there something else we are doing wrong?

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