Linux Player troubles and working around them?


I’m trying to implement Xibo company wide. The CMS is a breeze to install and I’m overall really happy with the software, however I can’t get the linux player to work. I’m trying to display an RSS feed and a PRTG map, which just don’t load and become a blank space. This is probably due to the outdated webkit of the player and the fact that it’s no longer being developed. So has anyone found a way to get the player on linux working? And will the linux player be picked up again? Thanks.

Depending on what hardware you’re using I have found most of the linux problems are due to using the vanilla display drivers for your pc… Did you install using snap?

Yes I used snap. What display drivers would I need for a 6th gen intel?

Seems like I’m having the same issue as these guys:
No text and video display on my player even though it is displayed when I preview - Get Help / Xibo Player for Linux - Xibo Community

Did the updated graphics driver package help? I realized i posted a link for tenth gen intel, but it can be found on the same site

No, it didn’t. I think I’ll put the project on hold for now.