Linux Player - Technology Preview 1.8-alpha8

Today we're making available another preview of the forthcoming Player for Linux.

This new version has the following changes over 1.8-alpha8:

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Below are the points to be notice:

  1. Is layout with pdf file is supported in Linux Player?
    It shows black screen with below error:
    ** Message: 11:06:04.804: console message: file:///home/ubuntu/xiboclient/pdf.js @381: Error: Unknown action from worker: MissingPDF
  2. After a few hours of running XIBO Player it closed with below message:-
    maximum number of clients reached


Thanks for your feedback - PDF is not supported on the Linux Player yet - we are planning to get that addressed in a future release.

On your second point - can you tell us what content you were running at the time of the error? Or if you’re able to provide an export of your Layout for us to try, you can upload it to and PM us the link.


Hello all

Troubles with the web navigator included in the client :

1/ I made a playlist with 2 video files which loops correctly, except when I add a WebPage widget in the region. Only in this case, videos are playing very slow. Also, the webpage is rendering weirdly as if the stylesheets of the website was not loaded.

2/ When I try to play just 1 region with 1 webpage, the client is returning : what: /home/player/snap/xibo-player/10/resources/13.xlf: cannot open file
When I try to read the 13.xlf, it just does not exists

3/ The included navigator transforms the char “?” in “%3” and the char “=” in “%3D” and the char “&” in “%26”, which is a problem when you need to play PHP urls

Here it is for the moment…

Thank you for your feedback - we’d love an export of the Layouts you’re using so that we can reproduce your issues and get them resolved. If you’re able to do that you can upload it to and PM us the link.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.
For my 2nd point, it can be any webpage hosted on local host or as well as on web server. After few hours of running , it closes with message “maximum number of client reached”.

Thank you!

[09:39:01.747] [024591] [debug]: Player settings updated
[09:39:01.747] [024653] [debug]: Collection started
[09:39:01.748] [024653] [debug]: Scheme: 0 HostType: 1 Host: Port: 8080 Target: /xmds.php?v=5
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injectorboost::property_tree::ptree_bad_path >’
what(): No such node (collectInterval)

Thanks for your report - can you try Linux Player - Technology Preview 1.8-beta1 and let us know if it still happens?

Running the Linux player on a virtualbox VM (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from The player seems to authorize fine. I have my local library set to the desktop, so I see that files get downloaded. But the player is stuck on the logo screen.

@dan Is PDF playback still not supported in version 1.8 R1 of the Linux Player?

Every time I try to add a PDF file to a layout it does not play and I get the same “MissingPDF” error that’s referenced above.

Hi and welcome - not PDF support will come in R2 with the addition of a local web server. We are testing out that release now and will publish it soon.