Linux player profile settings

I am trying to associate a Linux player to a display settings profile. I see there is no Linux profile by default and I can’t assign it to one of the other profiles.

I also see that when I schedule a layout it doesn’t collect it for a long time.
Is there another way to set the collect interval, XMR public address and other options for Linux players?


Could I ask what CMS version you are using?

The Linux Player is available from v1.8.12 and later, where you may need to add your own Display Profile as documented in our manual here:

Hi Natasha,

I just finished installing a new CMS server on a Linux server so I guess it’s the latest version. I followed all the instructions. Where can I see the CMS version?


The CMS version will show at log in:


and from inside the CMS, click on About at the bottom of the main menu which will also give you the version:

I just finished installing a Linux server and followed the instructions in the user manual on he web site. How can it be I have version 1.8.9?

As it would appear that you have installed an earlier version, you would need to follow our guides for
Upgrading the CMS Our latest version being 2.3.2
There is also a section on upgrading in this guide: Xibo CMS with Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 which may prove useful.

Hi Natasha,

I have installed the latest version. I think you should update the instructions page so other users will not install version 1.8.9.

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Kind regards,

No problem :+1:

Can I ask what page you used that installed this earlier version as I cannot seem to see an issue with the Xibo for Docker on Linux installation page that would download version 1.8.9?

Many thanks

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