Linux Player - Powerpoint Support?

There are a couple of technologies for playing PPTX files on Linux; is there any work somewhere on the roadmap to merge those into the Linux player codebase?

We’ve no plans at present to support PowerPoint on any of the other Players. Our recommendation is to convert to video for all Players as it’s the most reliable option, and is built in to Office now.

“We will do our thing, our way, and if the audience happens to be composed of people who do things other ways, tough.”

Got it.


Sorry that we’re not planning on implementing something you want. Its not at all that though - its more like “there are hundreds of requests for different things, and we have to plan for whats most popular and feasible”.

There is a pretty reliable workaround by virtue of exporting the PPT as a video, and in fact you could say that this is more reliable than actually showing the PowerPoint.

That being said, if you or someone in the community wants to contribute this feature, then we’re all ears and open arms :slightly_smiling_face:

FWIW, I’ve been a programmer and analyst for 35 years now; when I say “well, that doesn’t seem like the best idea” it is nearly never because I personally want the feature. It’s usually because I think getting the glue right is critical to usability and hence, market share.

But if you’re not getting requests for it, then you aren’t; no reason to slap me in the face with a wet trout.

I promise not to tell you what I think of the usability and discoverability of the layout editor.

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