Linux Player not showing embedded website

Player Version

linux 1.8-R6-108


I have an embedded website in my layout. It displays a grafana screen with several stats. It works like a charm on Android. It doesn’t display anything on Linux.

Any ideas or inspirations where I can find a solution?

I made a screenshot of the messages in the console. FYI: the IP is the Grafana server publishing the website.

short update:
I can report that the same Xibo layout in the Windows client works like expected.

So it really seems to be a Linux client thing.

im sure someone from the team will msg but just wanted to say that the linux client is pretty buggy and they do not have a developer for it at this time, so i highly suggest you use the windows client if possible.

I guess there’s not much interest in fixing the Linux client. I’ve swapped to the Windows version. It works fine for now.

Bit of a pity though…

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