Linux player newest

i need to edit something in settings-custom.php
but i dont understand what i need to edit?

Pls help?

i have xibo 1.8.11 on linux 16.04 running

If you’re running with Docker, then in the custom folder, you need to put the extracted middleware file, and then edit the settings-custom.php file and add:

$middleware = [new \Xibo\Custom\XiboForLinuxMiddleware()];

To that file, inside the <?php tags.

If you have a custom installation, then you won’t have a settings-custom.php file, in which case you can add the same as above to your settings.php file, again inside the <?php tags.

thanks i did that
but when i start the player, the first time he asked for autorised. so i did that, but when i try the second time to start the player he said this:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_$
what(): No such node (sizeX)
Aborted (core dumped)

Did you definitely set a default layout?

yes i set a default layout
or do i need to set a campaign?

No you shouldn’t need to. Can you check the Display Settings Profile for Linux Players has sensible settings in it?

What platform are you running the Player snap on please?

linux player isn’t showing in the display setttings, but i put
$middleware = [new \Xibo\Custom\XiboForLinuxMiddleware()];
in the settings-custom.php.

what do you mean the player?
i have the player and server on a linux 16.04 if you mean that

That will be the problem then.

You should see a Linux player type and profile in the Display Settings. If you add a new Display Settings profile, can you choose Linux there?

no there is nothing
maybe the path is not good?
dis my path to the setting-custom.php

That looks right, and that file should have been there already?

Also in that directory you should have extracted the middleware file?

yes the file is right there
$middleware = [new \Xibo\Custom\XiboForLinuxMiddleware()];
but is it possible that this path not good is with my path to the file?

If the file already existed (ie you didn’t create settings-custom.php), then that should be the right place.

If you had to create it, then it’s not the right place.

i replaced the middleware string
now it works all
thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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