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Im sure you are aware of the memory leak in the player on linux, if there is a video in the playlist it will eat all the memory of the machine in about 3 hours then crash. I have put a cron job in to kill and restar the player to fix this but Id really love for this to be fixed. I have tried both the stable version and the candidate of the linux player.

Thanks for the report - we are aware of it yes. It appears to be a memory leak in gstreamer (the video library) and we’re currently trying to build against a new version of the lib.

We will update the edge channel when we have something to try.

Thanks very much for letting me know, its alright for now as I have the cron job to restart the player but that will be great when its fixed.

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¡Hi Aegisgfx!

Thank you very much for your post.

As said Dan, it’s a memory leak in gstreamer.

I found that this happen with MP4 video files.

The best workaround is simply change your video files codec to WebM.


Sorry for my bad english, i hope that this can help you.

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Wow thank you, I will do that. I assume it will be fixed in a future build but this will help me in the short term.

Well I converted all my video files to webm vp8, the memory leak on the ubuntu machine continues as before. No change. :frowning:

I have my videos with WebM VP9.
Try with VP9.

Seems to be the same on VP9 too, memory keeps going up. Which version of the player are you on? Ive tried the stable and the candidate.

I’m using xibo-player 1.8-R4 edge.
Are you using a playlist?
In my case, i’m using a single video file.
The memory keeps down:

xibo@xibo$ free -h
total usado libre compartido búfer/caché disponible
Memoria: 2,9G 353M 2,0G 10M 541M 2,4G

It’s Xibo under Xubuntu 18.04 with xfce4.

Ok yes Im on the candidate player and using a schedule… do we have any idea when this issue will be fixed?

We’re still working on it, its proving really difficult to package the new gstreamer into a snap. As soon as we have something else to try, we will update here and the other threads with it. And of course we will publish to the edge channel.

Huge thanks! Looking forward to this fix.

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