Linux Player for Xibo CMS 1.8.x.x

Hello, I am relative new to this community. I already managed to install Xibo 1.7.9 and now I am trying to install the latest version 1.8 on Ubuntu 16.04. As I am used to work only with Linux / Unix since years I would like to know if there is a timeline when a Linux-based client will be available.

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Check out this link.

It looks like it will be targeted for 1.9

Thanks a lot. Is there a timeline for release 1.9 ?

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Not quite yet.

We are very close to 1.8 release, after that we might have more details about 1.9 timeline.

Thanks a lot for the information. As I just mentioned I am very deep in Unix / Linux since more than twenty years. If you need help in some Linux- specific issues maybe I can help, also regarding testing.

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Hello friend, could you pass me the step by step how to install xibo player client on ubuntu 16.04?

Yes, we could really use a Linux client!

We tried Windows 10 Kangaroo but since it is the Home version it keeps trying to install Windows Updates and there is not enough space on the Kangaroo… so it hangs and our players need constant rebooting.

A Linux client would be sooooo welcomed. I already have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on one of the Kangaroos not realizing Xibo client was only Windows and Android.


Did anyone ever reply to having a Ubuntu Linux client - this is such a high priority for us and we really wish that we had this.

I haven’t seen one as of yet. I’m still waiting myself.

The reply I received from Xibo was they have no plans to release till Q4 Next Year; yet everyone I’ve spoken to wants it a whole lot sooner as Windows is expensive and Android is not solid.


Hi Sasharp65 i had the same problem with win 10 home and pro so i ask around and we now use Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTS.

It is a very slim version of windows pro but without the updates etc. and it gives you a greater controll of the updates and you can apply your own costumazetions