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we are currently facing following issue: When using 2 Monitors with a Linux-Computer and having videos on one and just photos on the other monitor, we irregulary get a flickering state on the display who’s only showing photos. We are using a Shuttle miniPC with onboard intel graphic, Debian 11 and Xibo-Player V. 1.8-R7-240. We already tried to use other .mp4 files, another PC, different HDMI cables, different Displays, a different operating system (Ubuntu 20)…We now use only images because every video is causing that issue. Is this a known bug? What can we do to prevent this issue? I’m glad to hear from you soon.
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is anyone else here having the same problem?

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On Ubuntu 22.04 with AMD XT6900 I was experiencing white flashing on mp4 files when moving from one video to the next, and only when the next up was a video… I installed the AMD version of the video driver (versus the Ubuntu installed one). The white flashing is gone.

This did not happen at all on a similar spec box with Nvidia RTX 3090 with Ubuntu or Nvidia graphics drivers.

I’m not sure if xibo takes advantage of hardware decoding, but definitely installing the driver from amd made a big improvement.

Although, it’s not a known bug, try installing the appropriate video driver for your onboard Intel graphics madfut 23 download. Also check if Xibo player supports the hardware decoding for videos.

Thank you for your replies. I’ll try to use another graphics driver that is from intel.

I’ll keep you updated.

After installing the driver directly from intel, it works fine.

I’ll close this topic.

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