Linux Player 1.8R4 - Reporting all layouts as Invalid Layouts

Hi all,

We have several Ubuntu 18 iMac’s running Linux Player 1.8R4 with various valid layouts. They were working fine for days but suddenly all Linux players report that all assigned layouts are invalid. I did not change anything.

I tried setting the Default Layout only and they even report that layout as invalid.

Pretty strange, layouts are all playing fine on our windows players.

Anyone else run in to this?

i tried removing the display from the CMS and uninstalling the xibo-player client
reinstalled, authorized, set the display setting profile and manually set the player width and height

after doing all that and trying to start the player i am greeted with the PixBuffError and can no longer get the player to start…

managed to resolve the PixBuff error by the following process

sudo snap remove xibo-player

delete ~/snap/xibo-player directory

run ubuntu updates


sudo snap install xibo-player

after reinstall the client starts but still reports that any layout i assign it is invalid. the layouts used to work though and are still working on our windows players

lmk if i can provide any more information

edit: collected this new error from the terminal while the player was running - not sure if it is related

[09:26:40.949] [4201] [error]: [XMR] RSA/EME-PKCS1-v1_5: invalid ciphertext
[09:27:21.864] [4201] [error]: [XMR] RSA/EME-PKCS1-v1_5: invalid ciphertext