Linux distro compatibility with RTSP, WebRTC or HLS

I’ve been tinkering with Xibo linux player and different Ubuntu versions for the past week with little success. I even recompiled the snap AppImage using the most recent Git repo of the linux player yet I still have problems getting the video stream up and running with Xibo widgets like Local Video, HLS or a Webpage. Sometimes there’s even no error message from Xibo yet the video is not showing. The same ubuntu versions don’t have any issues when playing the same stream through Chrome browser (WebRTC and HLS) or VLC (RTSP). The bottom line question is what is the confirmed linux distribution and version and a confirmed Xibo linux player version (and packaging type) that is confirmed to work with the video streams I mentioned? (I use mediamtx to proxy my stream to whatever protocol I want, so I just need one of them - widget/protocol - to work to solve my issue).

Many widgets are not compatible with the Linux player. And this player has not been updated for several years. It remains on version 1.8 relative to version 1.8 of the CMS server.
Even if it’s still available for download, I don’t think the Xibo team will put much effort into updating it.
They’re already updating the Windows version, which is a good thing, but the Xibo team needs to make money to keep going. I think they prefer player versions with a paid license, which is a good way to keep this project.