Linking multiple datasets

Hey there. As we can link multiple table or multiple databases in SQL I tried the same way in xibo datasets but not successful. Can different datasets in xibo be treated as different tables (or different databases) as in MySql or MSSQL? Can anyone suggest me how can I do so?

Perhaps someone else can answer regarding Xibo Datasets. I imagine it will have to be an enhancement where after selecting a dataset for a widget, you’d have the option of entering a SQL expression to populate the dataset (upsert) with a refresh period specified.

If you have a local db setup, take a look at the following to see how you can push the desired data to Xibo CMS using the API:

  1. Xibo CMS API Overview
  2. Xibo CMS API Documentation.

Note: I am a Xibo novice. So take the above in that light.


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You’d need to write a custom module for doing that, or normalise your data and populate it via the API as Vic suggests.

Custom module docs: