Limit to show data from data sets

Hi, i want try limit data form data sets for the exam:

i 've 10 data and i 'm just wanna show the top 5 of the data from data sets with some column.

what i must to do? for the filter and the order.?

thanks before

In both dataset and ticker there is a lower/upper rows limit settings.
So you can set lower rows limit to 0(or 1) and upper rows limit to 5.
Then depending if you want all of that 5 rows in one page or each in separate pages you can adjust the ‘items(rows) per page’ setting too.

@Peter thanks it works, but i’ve another question, how i can make a rank from dataset the bigger until the smaller
like 1st

with automatically,

thanks for your advise,

In Order you will want to put ‘YourColumnName’ DESC (or ASC)
so for example: Col1 ASC

now if you have numbers like 1 2 3 and 11 22 etc and you want to order your dataset by it then in dataset you’ll need to add ’ ’ (space) before the number so: ’ 1’ instead of just ‘1’ if you don’t do that then the order won’t be correct (it would be 1 11 2 22 3). If you have numbers with 3 digits then similar ’ 9’ (two spaces and number) ’ 10’ (one space and number)

@Peter Actually it works,thanks . But i feels weird about the format for to show in display client, any suggestion i can do about this?

So if you are using dataset module, then you can modify format/colour and stuff in css
If you are using ticker with dataset then it’s quite similar to normal text editor.

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@Peter, Thanks a lot. Solved

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