Limit of itens in the timeline

Good afternoon.

I created a layout with 32 items of the video type and insert the 33th when the layout is no longer displayed.

Is there a limit to different items in the timeline?

When you say “layout is no longer displayed” do you mean it’s no longer displayed by a Player or do you mean it’s no longer shown in the list of layouts that you can edit?

Hello Alex.

The layout is no longer displayed in the player.


The layouts Scheduled is 499, 527, 522, 141, 531 and 530.

But the layout 141 because have 33 diferents media of vídeo are not displayed and is not listed as invalid layout.


What version of Xibo for Android are you running please?

The most recent R57.

R58 is the most recent release so that would be a good first step

Sorry :sweat_smile: .

I will test this version and send a feedback if the problem is solved.


Thanks. I’m not aware of anything in R58 that would address that but it’ll be the first thing the devs will want us to try so we may as well get it out of the way now!

I test the R58 version and the problem persist. When supass 32 different files on the timeline layout to be displayed.

Also ran into other trouble.

My player did not run any kind of video or image. I tested the same layout in the R57 version and functioned normally.

Test video of R58 version below:


Okay so for the video not working you’ll need to apply the patch to your CMS as detailed in the Android Player release notes.

With regards to the other issue, is the device rooted? If so, can you supply a copy of the layout XLF and required files xml please?