Lil' Xibo for me

Not sure if Xibo is what we need…

We have a stationary PC in our office…and anything that comes across the PC screen goes out to our community cable channel…w we siw they g . Presently a powerpoint slideshow is constantly running only to be interrupted now and again when a scheduler kicks off a video (usually a mpg file rerun of a board meeting) and when the video ends, returns to the pp slideshow. A bat file deals with the video launching, the slideshow simply moves to the background and doesn’t need to be relaunched at the conclusion of the video, the video player just goes away.

We are looking for something to take the rather boring 24/7 slideshow to another level…is Xibo the answer?

Assuming that this is handled by something that will remain functioning if you switch solution, then yes Xibo should be able to breathe some life into the “sign”.

You can run the CMS and Player on your one PC, although it is better if you have the CMS hosted elsewhere - or at least allow HTTP access to that PC so that people can update the presentations without interrupting the player at all.

Thanks Dan. It’s a bit fuzzy. Yes, the PC is hardwired to the cable channel…anything that comes across the PC screen is shared with the community. Will we be able to incorporate the slide show into Xibo config? Is there an example of Xibo in action somewheres and what it is capable of doing? Cheers.

Xibo supports PowerPoint provided the machine also runs a full copy of it - although we encourage people to export their powerpoint as a video as it results in a far better experience overall.

You can grab a 14 day demo CMS or download it yourself and pop it on a web server somewhere within your organisation - then install the 1.7.5 player software from here - its pretty simple to set up so I am sure you could replicate what you currently have inside of an hour.

Not really i’m afraid - it is non-trivial to demonstrate the software in any sort of understandable fashion - its probably best to look at the getting started guide and then the FAQ to decide if its worth trying out.

Great. Thanks. Likely go with the cms in the cloud option. Then the player goes on the box connected to the cable channel… So far so good? TIA

Yup, that’s right - create a Cloud CMS at that link, you’ll be sent login details when its ready (and when you’ve verified your email).

While youre waiting you can install the player on the PC you already have - then just pop the config details when they arrive and start it up. Install Guide here.

There are some notes for PowerPoint in that guide too - if you do still use powerpoint directly.