License version for android apk

Hi, how are you? What license should I buy to use Xibo_for_Android_v1.8_R110.apk. Because my tv box only plays videos with this version. I have 25 perpetual licenses and only 24 tv box, when I try to put the license on the device 25 it tells me that I have no more licenses. What could be the problem? I use cms 1.7.9


Hi Sergio_Cerecer, welcome to the Xibo Community!

Perpetual Licenses are set to the latest player version at the time of purchase. It’s possible this explains why your licenses are not working with your 1.8 R110 players. Could you use this form to create a ticket on the help desk with the above information included? Please be sure to use the email address that owns your license pool so that the support team can locate your pool and investigate further.

Feel free to reference me in your ticket if you like and I will keep an eye out for you in the helpdesk :slightly_smiling_face:

Many Thanks.

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