License checking issue without internet access

Hi there!

I have purchased a Xibo Android license for my android player client and set it up correctly, and I have already sync the required layout and media files into it.

However, this client box will be placed in an environment without internet access. As I know the Xibo app will the check the license every 30 days, so may I know if it will keep playing the media files normally after 30 days? Will it popup any alert or warning message to obstruct the screen?

And assume one day if it can access the internet again, will it auto-check the license immediately and then check if any update from the CMS? Or still need to wait for the next 30 days license checking time or by manual operation to check the license?

Thanks a lot!

The Player will download 2 days worth of schedule from the CMS, and then it will play that when it goes offline.

So if you have “always” schedules, or are using the default layout to show your content, then it should be able to play for some time offline.

If you’re using timed schedules, then it will play the 2 days worth, and then drop back to the default layout.

We don’t show any indication on the screen that the Player isn’t licenced.

Once it reconnects to the internet, it should re-licence automatically in a few hours, and then it will start updating from the CMS again.

Keep in mind however that anything that updates (Twitter, traffic etc) might not work offline. Images and video etc should however.

Thanks Alex for your quick reply!

So, you mean for a licensed Android client set only with default layout and go then offline, it can keep playing the default layout normally without time limit. And once it goes online, it will check the license within few hours and update from CMS again.

In my case, the player client will be placed in a location without internet access and physically unreachable, but sometimes it can go online for a while (<30mins) through my mobile Wi-Fi hotspot when I go there (as I have preset the Wi-Fi connection before). However, I cannot stay there for few hours to wait for the update, so is there any way to trigger the license checking and force the content update immediately without direct manual operation in the client player? Can it be done by rebooting the client?

And if I use the on-premise (offline) licencing module to license the client player, will it still has the 30 days licensing checking issue exist?

Thank you very much!

Yes if the Player only has a default layout, and that default layout shows only static content (images, video etc), then what you describe should be possible.

Rebooting the Player will cause a licence check when it restarts yes, and then it should be able to update shortly after that.

What I would say though is in your display settings profile, make sure you turn off error logging and stats logging, as those will try and upload when it reconnects and 30 days worth of those will take a long time to do so.

On-Premise licencing works by allowing the CMS to licence the Player, so if the CMS is on the same network as the Player, then yes you could use on-premise licencing, and the Player would remain licenced.

If the CMS is remote, on-premise won’t help you.

Hi Alex,

The license is activated on my Android Minix U9 and it works fine, but I don’t want the Minix to connect to internet the whole time. So I would like the correct settings (f.e. your WAN IP & protocols/ports) so I can make an exception in our firewall to open only these for the 30-day checks of the license.

Can you advise ?



The Android Players connect to our licence service at on tcp port 80. Currently the IP for that is / 2001:41d0:800:a0:: but those may change in the future without warning. You are advised to build your firewall rules based on the DNS entry rather than a fixed IP if at all possible for that reason.

very clear Alex, thx !