Library not writable during/after installation (docker-compose)

Hi there,

When installing docker installation of xibo i get the error message “Library not writable” when accessing the webpage.

I did everything twice and followed the steps according to your website. Also i am running all commands as a root user.

When doing a docker-compose up -d it creates the “shared” folder which i guess is used for the library.

Any tips?

Already tried chmod 777 recursive on shared folder and even on the xibo folder within the opt folder… nothing seems to help.

I have the same problem. Can you fix it?

Some problem! No fix so far!.


did you find any solution on the not writable issue?

I have a similar problem with my installation:
When I’m trying to upload an image e.g. I can choos the file and click the upload button. After the progress bar finishes I get the filename with the hint: Forbidden.

Why is it forbidden to upload media? I checked the user rights etc.

Any help available? I would really appreciate!

Kind regards


In my case the fix was using a none complex mysql password. Really weird but seems to help. Also I made sure running everything as a root user.

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I found out that I could not make xibo to write into the directory I provided during the installation process. Although I changed the rights in order for everyone to have write and read access.

I also didn’t find the place where to change the path for the library directory.

Finally I did a clean and fresh installation and placed directory somewhere else i.e. …/share

And it works.

Many thanks for your support.


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