LG 55SM5KD out of memory error


We have 4 LG 55SM5KD displays running Xibo for WebOS, version lg 2-206, and an issue has appeared over the last few days where one or another will repeatedly reboot itself, with the following message on the screen:

**This app will now restart to free up more memory.**

Turning the tv off and on again makes it work.

These 4 displays have been working without issue since we set them up about 4 months ago. One tv had this issue 2 days ago, and another one had it today.

The layouts on these displays are very simple - just a picture during our hours of operation, and a clock widget at night.

Here is the troubleshoot.zip created by the fault reporting tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I-p7mFHvHX49JgS4oaIqPUdTbvh77vlQ/view?usp=sharing

Any idea what might be going on and how I can resolve it?

Thank you,

John Foerch

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear about your issue. I wondered if you could confirm the firmware version running on your SM5KD displays? You can find this on the status page of the Xibo player by clicking on the screen while the player is running and choosing Status from the menu that appears at the top of the screen. The Firmware Version entry will be within the first 5-6 tries at the top of the page.

Can you also provide a copy of your layout in a private message so I can also test this issue? If you have any other layouts scheduled to the player alongside

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW,

The TV’s firmware version is 04.03.10. Here is some other information from that Status page, in case it helps:

Version: 2
Code Version: 206
Model: 55SM5KD-BH
webOS Version: 3.2

I’ll send the layout zips.

Thank you,


Hmm, I’m not seeing how to send a private message on this forum. Can you help me find that link?

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Thanks for letting me know. I have sent you a PM with a link to a newer firmware, which you can reply to with links to your exported layouts. I hope the firmware will resolve the issue but I am also happy to test your layouts to see if I can replicate your issue in the event it persists.

Many Thanks.

Okay, great. I will give that firmware a try.

I will send along the zips of the layouts, but I honestly don’t think they have much to do with it because one is just a picture displayed for 100000 seconds, and the other is just a clock widget.

Since this issue only occurred after 4 months runtime, I may not know if the new firmware resolved it, but if you don’t hear back from me, that means it did :wink:

Thank you for the help!


Thanks for your reply. I’ve scheduled your layouts so I can see if the overall memory usage is increasing slowly. So far I’ve found it peaks at 1.7GB before starting to drop again. I would recommend checking the status page on your player periodically, to see if the memory usage is increasing for you.

4 months is a long time for the issue to occur, I can understand why no news is very likely good news if I do not hear from you soon about the issue being resolved :slightly_smiling_face: I will keep a watching tracker on this post in case at any point you experience the memory issue again.

Many Thanks.

Oh, interesting, I will check that for sure!

Thank you

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