Layouts wont load

I have 3 layouts but for the life of me I cant get them to follow each other when I play them , i have tried as a campaign and individual in the schedule but no joy

please help


Could you please tell me, what CMS and player version do you use?

Are your layouts valid? If you schedule them individually are they correctly displayed on your display device?
Do you have any long durations set on your layouts?
Did you see any errors on your display device? (perhaps you could show us a screenshot of status window on your device?)

Campaign is there to group layouts in certain order, which should be then easier to schedule.
So if you schedule your campaign it should display Layout 1, Layout 2, Layout 3 and repeat till the event ends.

1.7.5 all layouts valid
i used campaign ordered them correctly

Ok, so you have your campaign with 3 layouts.

Now you schedule it to display on your player and what happens? Is it in wrong order? Is one them missing?

Also I’ll quote myself, please answer these questions too.

sorry Peter I work in a School keep getting called away

no long durations

1st layout will play then nothing just stops

no errors

i have just deleted one a layout going back to basics , so going to try and schedule one campaign two layouts

At least for testing purposes you might want to schedule it only for today perhaps?
Also perhaps only on one test device?
Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I’d recommend only testing for now and after you’ll know everything is good, then create a event with repeat for example for whole month.

It seems that your xmas1 layout is in some way invalid, please check what could be wrong there.

When both layout will be valid, please schedule it on one device without repeat just to see if it will display it correctly.

yes i sorted the invalid one it had a blank region

I will try your suggestion


so in the schedule just test it on the PC i am using for the CMS ?

If it also has Xibo for Windows client then yes I think that would be the Best at the moment.

You should be able to see the result pretty quick and since you have access to it you will be able to see the status window too.

Ok, I assume that ‘test’ is a campaign with your 2 layouts and techy-PC is the display name on your PC.

So when you did that, what happen on the player?

nothing one layout played then just sat there and the next one did not load

interesting, could you please take a screenshot of status window on your player?
(press “i” when the player has focus to show status window)

ummm where is the i button my layout goes straight into full screen mode

sorry, I meant press “i” button on your keyboard to bring the status

in full screen mode ?