Layouts within a Campaign to show on Schedule Page

On the Schedules screen:
When you select a Layout, and click on “Show All”, only schedules made directly on this Layout are displayed on Option “Day”.

Schedules where the layout is part of a Layout Group are not displayed.

How about offering a resource where when selecting one Layout, all the schedules to which it is part were displayed, both Individual schedules, and schedules of Groups of Layouts that it is part of.

  • As it is, it is impossible to identify whether a layout exactly where a layout is being displayed.

Thank you for your post.
The Search field on the schedules page allows you to search by Layout ‘name’ or Campaign ‘name’ for all or selected Displays and will show the named Campaign or Layout if it exists in the schedule.

Layouts within a Campaign are not shown from this filter but I can certainly start a conversation with the team to get their thoughts on this.

At present you can use the Agenda View to have a clearer picture of what will play at any point during a selected day using the slider, which will show you both Layouts and Layouts within a Campaign as well as Displays and Display Groups.

I have amended the title to better reflect the feature requested :+1:

Hello Natasha.

Thanks for the feedback.

The “Agenda” View Option only works if Layout + Player is selected.

To get the desired effect, the user will have to test all the combinations:
Layout + Player 1,
Layout + Player 2,

Layout + Player 30

Do you agree that it is a very big job?

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