Layouts with embedded webpage that requires authentication

I have multiple layouts that have embedded HTML pages served from our Intranet. The server requires NTLM authentication, which works from a windows client. Can this be replicated on Android?

As far as I’m aware the Android browser can’t give NTLM responses as it won’t be a domain member and therefore able to generate the hashes,

If you can access the webpage from the Android web browser by entering credentials (ie basic authentication) then you can add those credentials to Xibo as part of the URL



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Hi Peter,

I have a similar requirement.
On Chrome or IE this work fine but the same url with credential in a layout results in an empty screen.

IS there anything i can do wrong there?

Good day,
I have the same issue with the last version of the player and CMS, the link work in Chrome or IE but can not be display by the Xibo player (PC and Android) or with the CMS “preview”

I have setup a test desing with a WebPage element.

All Xibo can send is HTTP basic authentication. If whatever you’re authenticating against requires a different scheme - eg NTLM, then I’m afraid it won’t work. You will need to access the resources via a different route.