Layout transition

Is there any way to fix the transition between layouts where there is a black screen for a second?

Thank you for your message. The period of black screen you are referring to is the period when the media from the previous Layout has ended and the media for the next item is loading. This therefore cannot be removed.

Whilst it is not a solution, please be aware that the reason it is black is likely because that is the background colour you have set for your Layout. You should find that changing the background colour of your Layout will therefore change the colour of this period of loading between Layouts. If you have set an image as background for your Layout, you may find that this is shown instead of the colour. With this in mind, you cannot remove the loading time but you may choose to use a different colour or background image that will make the transition more subtle.

Many Thanks,

Even when changing the background color to white, it still shows black between layouts.

I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning but, the layouts are put into a campaign which in turn is scheduled for the display.
The display is running the R202 player version.
Our CMS is running 2.1.0