Layout stop playing a sub-playlist playlist

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Android TV 9.0

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CPU: Cortex A55 Quad Core


In the weekend I have been called by a customer to tell me only 2 playlists from 3 are playing on the screen. I have logged to the screen/manage and see the all videos from the playlist #717 have errors "cannot play this video ID: "
After few resets of the android tv, more publish now, change the playsts order in sub-playist, the things have ben back on track.
It’s not the first time when I see this error. Why?

It’s possible to set a xibo app restart?

You can turn off the video blacklisting, as the Player will just keep retrying to show a video, whilst you investigate as to possible reasons why the videos are not playing. Have you ensured that they are in a suitable format (H264 mp4 at a sensible bitrate etc). If they are, then take a look at the device firmware since it handles the video playback.

The video blacklisting it’s off.
All videos are created(the one not playing and the one who are playing) with powerpoint.
All videos have played very fine for 2 weeks.
I have use the same layout, with no change in last few days.

Could you provide the full error, screenshot if you can, so that we can try and better understand what is stopping it from playing?

I don’t understand how a screenshot will help you.
I’m pretty sure you know the errors logged are saved only for a day. I can’t travel in time.
Maybe you can see the logs.

Let’s see what we can do. I’m open to your suggestions.

I can only say that in the time(11 sec) when that clip has to play, a black image was shown. Not the clip.

Unfortunately without details of the error there is very little we can do to investigate this further. The error should be logged in your CMS, if this is not the case then we would suggest that you run the video again and take note of the error that is returned.

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