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I’m completely new to the complex inner workings of Xibo and am having to start from scratch. I’ve read through the manuals and videos, but not finding what I need (unless I overlooked it). On the main landing page when I log in, I’m trying to get it to look like the image below… this is where we would upload and update our images to our viewing monitors. Any information, video or links on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!

Hi ams, welcome to the community!

In your message you mentioned that On the main landing page when I log in, I’m trying to get it to look like the image below. Your image is from inside the layout designer, with what appears to be a design that is finished. You can access the page shown in your screenshot by going to the Layouts menu in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the entry for your layout and choose Design, but you cannot set a Layout to be open and in the designer as soon as you log in.

Whilst you cannot set the layout designer itself as the landing page when you log in, you can set a CMS menu page, for example the Layouts page as the homepage by following the steps below:

  • Log into your CMS as a Super Admin User (the first account in your CMS will be named xibo_admin, this is a Super Admin account).

  • Go to the Users menu in your CMS.

  • Click the button at the end of the User you want to modify and choose Edit from the menu.

  • You will see an option named Homepage, as shown in my screenshot. Choose the option you would like to see when you first log into your account and save to confirm. I would recommend the Layout page, as this will take you straight to the list of Layouts you have in your CMS

  • Now when you first log in, that will be the page you first see.

I hope this helps to understand how to change the homepage for each user in your CMS.

Many Thanks.

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