Layout manager preview not showing

Hi all,

i think this is a easy question, but how can I see a preview directly in the layout manager after clicking on an image, it is always black.

Thanks, Mark

Thank you for your message. When you add an image to your Layout, you should be able to preview it by simply clicking on the Widget as you have done in your screenshot. Below is an example of this working correctly in my Layout designer:

Please confirm:

  • The version of CMS you are using and the method of installation (Docker or Custom).
  • Whether all of your images are doing the same thing?
  • Most of the name of your image is blocked out but I can see it ends 1920x10807, is that a typo or is the image actually that resolution?
  • What happens if you Preview the Layout? does it show the images correctly?

Many Thanks.

I have same problem xibo version 2.1.1

I’m really in trouble! versao XIBO 2.1.1

H Luan. According to your screenshot there is an issue with the image you are trying to show in your Layout, what that is I am not sure at this point. can you send me the image in a private message so I can take a closer look at it? I can also test it on my own CMS and confirm if there is an issue.

Many Thanks.

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