Layout Invalid for Video

I’m currently trying to use a video in a layout using Xibo. The video plays fine in the preview, but when it is scheduled, the Client Information Screen states that the layout is invalid. The video is a .mp4 and is the only thing on the layout, as there are no other regions on it. Additionally, I installed the codecs for WMP. What is causing my layout to be invalid?


Are you sure that you don’t have any empty region on your layout? (one region is automatically added when you create new layout).

You can also click verify all in modules page.

Have a look here for more information:

If nothing there will solve your issue, could you please export your layout, upload it to dropbox(or similar) and give us a link here?


The video is the only region on the layout.

I did the Verify All in the modules page, I’ll give it some time to update on all my players.

I looked at that information, the video was successfully uploaded, it only has one region with the video inside of it.

I also enabled mp4 files in the video section in modules.

Here is the video -

The video itself won’t be of use. Please could you export the layout and upload it.

It’s almost certain you have an empty region on the layout hiding behind the video. If you export it we can load it in to a CMS here and tell you for sure.

Upon trying to export the layout I receive an error.

There has been an application error.Can’t create ZIP. Error Code: 11

What version of the CMS is this? There’s a bug in versions earlier than 1.7.4 on Windows systems so if it’s earlier than that you need to upgrade first

1.7.3, do I need to update to 1.7.4 to fix this issue?

Yes. As I said above, versions prior to 1.7.4 have that issue.

How do I update my CMS? I have downloaded the .zip file of the 1.7.4 release.

That should help you.

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Alright, thank you for that @Peter. I found the location of my 1.7.3 cms files and replaced them with 1.7.4. I went to localhost/xibo and began the installation. Upon asking for the database credentials, I entered them correctly and it gave me this error.

An error occurred populating the database. Statement number: 57. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1022 Can’t write; duplicate key in table ‘#sql-a28_9’]. File = [Array]. SQL = [ALTER TABLE blacklist ADD CONSTRAINT blacklist_ibfk_1 FOREIGN KEY (MediaID) REFERENCES media (mediaID), ADD CONSTRAINT blacklist_ibfk_2 FOREIGN KEY (DisplayID) REFERENCES display (displayid)].

I went and inserted the settings.php file into the 1.7.4 CMS and it brought me to my 1.7.3 CMS page. Did I do something wrong or is my settings.php file not working with this?

Ignore that bit, I assumed it was still on 1.7.3 because that’s what was displayed on the bottom of login page. I logged in and it began the upgrade. Thank you @alex and @Peter.

In response to this, I have now exported the layout that was causing the issue.

Here is the link.

By not having settings.php there, you tried to reinstall the CMS in to the same database which gave you the error.

To upgrade, you always replace the settings.php file per the instructions in the release notes.

The layout looks fine however. Can you check that the video plays correctly in Windows Media Player (not Windows Media Player classic or any other video player) from the Player library please?

Yes, it plays fine. I tested a layout of just text and a layout of 3 pictures and they both displayed fine.

Don’t know how this happened but removing all events and restarting the computer with the player installed fixed the issue I was having. The video starts playing and by the second transition it goes back to layout invalid: 4.

OK so if it initially plays then it blacklists it, something caused a crash or an error in Windows Media Player when we tried to show the video. The Player then blacklists the video to stop that happening over and over.

I’d perhaps try removing the codec pack and installing a different one?

I can try that, Im also going create a new video and see if also causes the same results. This problem might have been created when I created the video.

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