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One of our users reported that she gets an error while uploading a video:

After I check out file limit I saw that the file she tried was to large but no limit was displayed on the form.
In comparison, while uploading new media from the Media form, the max size is listed:

is there any way to correct this? thanks

About the upload limit, you configure that in the PHP.INI file.

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I already changed the limit but I believe we are going to get into the same situation as the max size is is not displayed in the “upload media” form in the Layout template.
This is visible under the Library/Media > Add Media form.

Same here:

If you’re using a custom theme (in the correct way), you can include that in your custom theme.
do you know how to do that?

Just the default theme but if I can change that I will gladly go fo it.

You can follow this tutorial:

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