Layout crash and youtube cc_loadpolicy not work

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your help the last time. I find Xibo very awesome and easy to use, but I have some problems with.

1- When I create a composition that works well.
But when I created several composition: eg hairdresser, medical
practice etc, except the last step for the rest I lose the images and
thumbail and I can no longer run.
I have to put the template and all the images, yet they exist in the library.
I use the same xibo library for all my compositions.
I tried to use the multi-site method that you promote:
copy the directory and rename xibo with another repertoire xibo
library but I have not reference the error object .net framework.
PS I use the same PC for displays.

2 - I need to display them under video youtube but when I enable
cc_load_policy = 1 setting does not work (see embed code below).
But it works in manual when I press subtitle.

 frameborder = "0" height = "100%" width = "100%" 
 allowfullscreen> </ iframe>

Thank you in advance for your help.


I don’t quite understand what you are doing here - you can’t just copy the CMS library between installations as the ID’s are referenced in the database.

What does cc_load_policy = 1 actually do? Does it work without that?

Hi Dan,
No it not work without, but it work if I clic manaully on the sub title button.


Ok for the my first question, I undestand now. Thanks

Are you using Xibo for Android? We don’t have support for embedded YouTube at the moment - the best workaround is to get the RTSP URL from the YouTube video and use that in the local video module.