Layout Background

We are exploring for more Android player, Just testing Minix X6 and seems work fine except the Layout Background, it is just black and haven’t display the default background. Haven’t found any error on the status.

What type of image is the back ground? Does the background show in the preview? What version of the CMS and Player are you using? How many regions are on the the layout and do any of them overlap?

Jpg format. By the way the same background is working on Minix X8 even in adroid x86.

Sound like something specific to the firmware on the X6. I am going to take it that the X6 is rooted firmware. Have you checked for SuperUser permissions within the Android Client? Also does the status screen on the android client provide any clues here?

Jpg. Same layout was scheduled with minix X8 and android x86 player and they do display the said layout. 1 region for now in a that layout.

Have you checked for SuperUser permissions within the Android Client?

If the Android client cannot obtain Super User permissions then some features may not work as expected. This would usually happen on a non-root android firmware. I know that it is working correctly on the X8, but the firmware is more than likely different on the X6.

It also had the rooted permission.

Hi Jason,

X6 is not on our Recommended Android hardware list, although it’s a bit strange that it has problems with 1 image in the background.
Could you perhaps export this layout so we could have a look? We don’t have x6 at the moment to test it, but perhaps we will find some other issue that may have caused this, or just confirm that this is indeed related to x6 firmware somehow.

You can give us link to download it here or via pm to me or in the ticket if you’d prefer that :smile:

We have fixed it already, Thanks everyone.

That’s good to hear :smile: