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So I have 1 layout, with a transparent background (but it doesn’t matter, could be black/white/any color or a set background image) and this layout has the sub-playlist widget displaying playlists of images. I’ve noticed that between each image, no matter what player (linux, DSC, Windows…even the preview window from within a web browser) when it switches from one image to another, you get a flash of the background color, set background or Black if set to transparent.

Is there any setting that would allow the images to switch from one to the other without first displaying the Layout’s background for 1/4 to 1/2 second. I could record a video of this if needed…


Hi Patrick_Olson, thanks for your post.

The period when you are seeing the background of the layout is when the image files are loading. There is not a setting available to stop this, as it is based on the device needing that time to render the media.

I’ve been testing with some simple images in a sub playlist and so far they are displaying one after the other, without a gap showing the background. This seems to be the case in my CMS layout preview and on my players. Can I send you a copy of the layout to test, so we can see how the performance is for you?

Many Thanks.

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