Layer Background Test

Hello Alex and Dan

Using Layer for the Background layer = 2 with the background by using a PNG with a transparent background.
Creating a region with layer 1 and a video on the timeline.

We can put the video to run behind the background. This is useful when we want to have a sidebar or below the layout without having to cut the video to maintain the aspect ratio.

The problem is that it worked to the R59, I perform the same test in the R60 and did not work.

Test R59 Layer Background With Video - OK

Test R60 Layer Background With Video - Not Work:

What version CMS is this?

There was a bug in 1.7.6 and earlier that meant the layers weren’t saved properly so I suspect R60 is actually doing the correct thing.

Hello Alex.

The CMS is 1.7.6.
The problem I am referring is that the ability to render the video layer obeying the region this not working at R60. In R59 as the example shown it is working perfectly.

The test was performed using the same CMS same layout and just by changing the version android app.

I’ve just tested this.

With 1.7.7 CMS and R60, and two regions stacked with appropriate layers it works. The image overlays the video as expected. That will happen reliably now as the layering was overhauled in R60. In R59, then sometimes things would stack as you expected and sometimes they wouldn’t.

If I set it up with only one region and a backround image, then the background layer appears behind.

As you’re running 1.7.6 then you can’t set layers on regions as they’re lost on save. So if you try the same thing it won’t work (because the z-index values will be lost each time).

We’ll look at why the background image layer is lost though - logged in internal bug tracker for investigation.