Lastest LG WebOs model?


I just want to know that if the new models like 49SE3KE is support running XIBO?
I don’t understand why the requirement of WebOs is 3.0 version ahead when those new model are not listed in support LG ?


We keep a complete list of supported models here:

The latest E series monitors are on that list, that run webOS 4.0 for Signage.

We require a signage line monitor to work. Consumer grade devices or LG displays that don’t run webOS are not supported and won’t work.


Could you confirm the 49SE3KE is supported ?
I don’t see it in the list


Only the models on the list are supported. The 49SE3KE is not on the list, so is not supported. It doesn’t run webOS at all!

The E series model that you need is the 43/49/55SH7E or 32/43/49/55SM5KE as listed in that guide.