Large Powerpoint with embedded Video

I’ve a large powerpoint to display on Xibo. I’ve been showing powerpoints for a long time and generally have no problems with them.

However this powerpoint is slightly different from others I’ve used/created in that it has a couple of embedded videos. These work fine running in powerpoint but in Xibo they won’t load onto a new layout - saying it can’t find the file (it is a pptx file).

Is there a problem trying to run these types of powerpoint displays?

Usually the video is separate to the PPTX file so when you’ve uploaded it in to Xibo the video will then be missing.

Best to export the presentation as a video itself and upload that in to Xibo.


If I export as a video what happens to the video inside the PP? Does it get converted into the video so it shows the same as if it was in a powerpoint?

It should do yes, assuming the video is set to play automatically when the slide starts.