Large number of players

Good morning!!

Does anybody has experience in working with Xibo and a large number of Players, like 100 to 400? How is

  • the handling,
  • the performance
  • the database size
  • short update intervals(1 minute)
  • a lot of videos as mediacontent
  • remote maintenance (remote Desktop (Google remote Desktop i.e.), remote installation for new xibo players for example)
  • check and controll the display (if it is still switched on or not?)
  • Check CPU temperature (i.e. email alert with speedfan from almico)
  • check internet bandwith (i.e. email report with networx)

Any tricks or tips?

Thanks and have a nice day


Yes, it could be interesting to know how many screens you can display.

We do, yes… we run several networks larger than that and know of many other users that do the same. Everything on your list is fine, except CPU temperatures - Xibo doesn’t monitor that.

The database size can grow if you have proof of play stats enabled - however we do ship a stats archiver in 1.8 which solves that issue.

The performance of the whole system is directly tied into the collection interval of the players. The lower the interval, the more load.

1.8 uses push messaging to remove this problem, you can set the collection interval to something very high and then have new information pushed to the players via XMR.