Landscape mode on Android MK809IV

Dear all,
anybody has experience with Landscape mode on Android MK809IV?


Personally I haven’t seen this device.

What seems to be a problem with it?

MK809IV is an android Device

i can not change the orientation, portrait mode in to horisontal mode

and also how to define the location on MK8019.
for example in windows you will find the file path is D:\folder\subfolder\filename.ext.

So it’s in portrait mode by default? That seems odd, all videos I’ve seen with this device seems to be in landscape orientation.

You can check if it supports the orientation change in Settings -> displays, if not perhaps there is some specific firmware for it, in which case you’d need to contact device manufacturer for further support. We haven’t tested it, so I can’t really tell you what exactly you should do, but device’s manufacturer should be able to help you.

As for the storage location on android devices, it will be either on local storage or sd card (depending on your settings) in
/data/data/ folder (that’s the way Android handles it).

ups sorry, i mean horisontal mode into portrait mode…no such menu in display setting,

i’ve already solve the file path by installing file manager from playstore


According to at least one manufacturer it can’t.