Lag between background and regions displaying

I am currently running 1.7.3 players and CMS, I am noticing a lag in the display of my layouts. The background image will load first then about a second later the regions will load, in the mean time there are boxes where the regions are showing the background color until they load and become transparent. I have tried re-doing a few layouts and the background images are all jpg. Do you have any suggestions that might help sync the display of the background and regions? Also the regions are mostly text and some other small jpg files, no videos or embedded flash. The players are full windows 7 pc’s and although they are not the newest of machines their cpu and memory utilitzation are very low so I dont think it is the equipment.

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The more regions you have the slower the performance. Your video card will make the biggest difference.

How many regions on a layout are we talking, how many images, and what are the file size of the images(Not display size)? Sounds like you may be utilizing layers as well?

Thanks for the fast reply, on most of my layouts I have only 1-3 regions and they are text. A few of them scroll but no embedded videos, flash, etc and no transitions being used. The background images are less than 1mb on all the screens. Each of the windows display units has its own video card with an HDMI out so we arent using the on board video at all.


You are not calling remote files are you? Only using media from the library? On the regions that have scrolling text, how long is the text? Also how are you making the text scroll? What happens if you remove the scrolling?

There are no calls for remote files and all are located in the library. This issue appears on all of the layouts, if we take the most simple one that I have it is a background jpg of 60.3k with 3 static text regions and I briefly see the background color and boxes on the background before the regions load. I also setup a test server with a fresh install of xibo 1.7.4 and a laptop with the client and I am still seeing the same behavior.


I am not exactly sure what to tell you. There will always be some sort of lag when the screen changes from one thing to next. However it does seem a little long for the hardware you are describing. Like I said before the video card will make the biggest difference. I have seen that the lag is less on the Android hardware we are mainly running on. You might try loading the Android version on a decent tablet and see what happens.

I know that this issue is on the list of items that Xibo would like to address.

Maybe @Peter might have some other ideas for you.

Thank you for the response, I am not sure what to try at this point either. It does appear to be an issue with the windows client, I did run a test on an android device and it was not as big of a lag, plus with the transparency working on the android player the regions were not leaving big boxes as they loaded. I will watch for any updates to the player and hopefully this can be addressed in 1.8 or 1.9 releases. If I am using static text only I can always integrate the background photo and text and import it as one jpg to avoid regions loading. Overall this is a great product and I really do enjoy using it! Thank You.

I am glad to hear that you have a work around for now.

I agree!

The Guys (and Gals, if there are any) at Xibo are doing a fantastic job.

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