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Kiosk mode or lockdown for Xibo android player

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We have several customers who wants to use interactive screens for browsing a certain website or an app and wants to limit the user from exiting the application or browse another website. We use Xibo android player on the interactive screens but Xibo lacks the functionality for Kiosk mode or lock the app so that the customer cannot exit it the app without a pin code. I recall that Risevision had a lock option in their app so the user were forced to know the pin code in order to exit the app. I believe it would be great if Xibo add a function of Kiosk mode or lockdown with a pin.

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Whilst we don’t claim Xibo for Android has a full kiosk mode, it does have some features that might help you.

In the Display Settings Profile in the CMS, create a new profile for Android devices and apply your normal settings to it. Then on the Advanced tab, change Action Bar Mode to “Hide” and Action Bar Display Duration to say 5. On the General tab, set “Password Protect Settings” with a password of your choice.

Apply that profile to a device, allow it time to collect once, close Xibo for Android and set it as the launcher on your device, and then reboot.

Now you should see the Xibo action bar appear once at startup for 5 seconds and then after that touching the screen won’t cause it to appear at all. If someone does catch that 5 second window where the action bar appears, they will need a password to access the device settings (to change the launcher back again so they can access other apps).

Thanks a lot for the suggestion which might be a half solution. The better solution would be to lock the Xibo app (as an option) so that it requires a pin code to exit from the app. I truly believe that this feature would be appreciated by many customers.

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