Just Want to Show Off A Little, Xibo 1.77

Xibo Multi layered images video and PHP/CSS used to schedule meetings in the company Theater.
The PHP pulls scheduled meeting info from an Exchange 2010 server resource mailbox.
The Text effects and flashing lights are all done with CSS and are in the top most region.
Everything else is layered transparent png images and a stock footage to give a GrindHouse Theater look.

Click image to see video of the signage…

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This is what the Meeting Signage shows when nothing is booked in the Theater for the day.
The top region web page reloads every 60 seconds in case someone books the room.

Click image to see video of the signage…

  • FYI, the little glitch on this video, happens sometimes when you capture live video off the an Android Box running Xibo.



Any chance of getting a look at that PHP code you use for Exchange? It’s not something I’ve looked at yet, but it’s definitely on the cards for us to do a dashboard in-house for our IT team and being able to pull calendar info from Exchange to display in real time.

Sure thing, I’ll send what I can after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Here is a paste bin link of my spaghetti PHP code using the php-ews library.


BTW, this is just the Exchange meeting info,CSS text effects and CSS blinking lights.
The rest are graphic and video layers in Xibo.


Champion, thanks for that. I’ll have a play over the next couple weeks and see what I can figure out. Much appreciated.

Here is a link to php-ews.

When I try for something like this with video playback it seems choppy and doesn’t look good, but the way you pulled it off just looks awesome.

What device are you using? Is the “meeting coming soon” a video as well? What codec and FPS are you saving the video with?


All the Text is CSS rendered with CSS embedded Fonts, standard HTML stuff.
Also the PopCorn Image is a transparent PNG in the same DIV tag as the text.
They’re all rendered on the same php page.

The curtain image, the marque billboard image and the sketchy film video are three separate elements.
BTW, shaky grind house like video resource is 480p, 30fps, mp4, H.264 .
With the PHP web page on top as the fourth top most element of the Layout.

I use inexpensive Android units for players, the T95Z plus.


I’m very intresed in your code, did you think is it possible to create a custom module from “php-ews” ?

I try to get Exchange calendar information in xibo but i don’t know how to do …

Thank you.