It's not possible to change the defaultlayout of a display via the API


I tried to change the defaultlayout of a layout via the API.
But problem is that it sends me an exception: error
Fatal error: Uncaught Xibo\OAuth2\Client\Exception\XiboApiException: { “error”: { “message”: “Page not found”, “code”: 404, “data”: [] } }
however, I sent my message to the correct URL. In this case to / display / default / {displayId}

I need this function and I need help to :wink: please


Could you show me the call you’re using please?

It should be something like that:


?envelope=1 is optional, 2 is the displayId, 11 is the layoutId

if this is how you have it in the url, then it would explain the 404, the defaultlayout is one word there.



Sorry, I’m deceiving a screenshot.
Here is the good catch and always sends me a 404


Which CMS version are you using please?
Also could you confirm that displayId 6 exists in your CMS?


CMS version = 1.8.2
I just checked it and displayId 6 exists.
I don’t understand, it’s as if this route didn’t exist


Indeed, it was added in the later CMS version, you’d need to update your CMS version, preferably to the current one ie 1.8.11.

The route was added in March this year, 1.8.2 is from June last year.


1.8.2 is not the current version? it’s the beta so
can’t work with 1.8.2?


so, I downgraded to version 1.8.11 for the XIBO CMS and restart the request but still 404