Issues with v3.1.0 (upgrading from 3.0.1)

CMS Version: 3.1.0

Player Type: Android and Windows

Player Version: Android: 3R302, Windows: 3R302

Xibo Server: VM on ESXi, 2 vCPU’s, 8GB vRAM, 32GB Disk

Xibo Server OS: Ubuntu LTS 20.04.04,

Xibo Install: Apache setup


Hey all,

I just upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0 and I’m having all kinds of strange issues. This all worked fine previously.

  • When clicking Templates in, for instance, RSS or Agenda, I get a different language in the pulldown: " Thiết lập sẵn".
  • My agenda widget is not reading from source any more: “Unable to download Feed”. When I open the URL, I’m receiving the ICS file no problem, so the issue has to be in Xibo
  • All my RSS feeds suddenly have “No Data returned” as content. I tried a couple, there’s nothing wrong with the feed, so again, the issue must be in Xibo.
  • The Stocks widget claimed I had a custom template which I did not. Layout was screwed up until I reset it to standard layout.

But the RSS and Agenda feeds not working is really annoying. Did I do something wrong or are there some issues with this version?

I upgraded the ‘standard’ way, as in: secured the /web/settings.php file outside of the xibo directory, moved the Xibo directory to Xibo_old, extracted the new Xibo-3.1.0 as xibo/, changed the owner to www-data:www-data and restored the settings.php file to /web. Ran phinx after that.

Just upgraded the clients. De Android clients are now 3R304 and the Windows clients are now 3R303. In terms of solution it did not do anything. Still “No Data returned from the source” on both accounts.

I just noticed that in the dashboard, the Xibo News, display status and display content status are blank. Maybe something to do with external connections? I don’t understand it.

as it turns out, the VM has had a configuration change which caused the effect that Xibo could not connect to the outside, causing the above mentioned effects. After I sorted out the connection issues, Xibo worked like a charm again…

The language error in Templates remains, however. Must be a translation mistake.

We are aware of this translation error within the CMS and will rectify as soon as we are able to.

I am glad that Xibo is all up and running for you now :+1:

Thank you for posting

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