Issue with Linux Player or Linux?

Lectori Salutem,

We’re trying to install several Linux Players on Mint 21.3. All is working fine until a specific page is entering the Webpage widget. It’s a remotely hosted stats dashboard page from Phocas. I see the ‘main’ screen but the page doesn’t load properly and a spinner stays visible until the next item in the player should be visible (a video) which works fine. It’s just that one, kind of crucial, page.

On a windows player, the site shows properly and on an Android phone it also displays ok. My initial thought was it to be the Linux player, which is already warned about on the download page that it might contain some issues and should be tested properly. But our displays can’t run on Windows.

So I thought to be clever and install Android-X86, which is, in effect, Android on a Linux box. All installs ok and even the Xibo (Android!!) player is installing and displaying fine… until that one page! My conclusion is therefore that it’s not the player but the underlying Linux. I’ve tried the Linux player with Ubuntu, OpenSuze, Fedora and ArchLinux, all with the same result.

I’ve tried to replace the Webpage widget with the Embedded widget with the same result, just showing a spinner.

So, the questions: How can I display this one site on a Linux machine (with either the Linux or Android player). Are there other Widgets I can (mis)use for showing this page? And is the issue with the player or with the underlying OS? I haven’t figured out yet how and where the player parses the html. The page on Phocas is basically ‘only’ html and javascript.

Any help and pointers in any direction is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time.