Issue with Creating Layouts in the New Version of Xibo

Hello everyone!

I recently installed the new version of Xibo and have run into an issue while trying to create a new layout. After configuring and saving the layout, it does not appear in my available layouts list.

Steps I’ve already taken:

I have checked that all settings are correctly configured.
I have attempted to create the layout multiple times.
I have reviewed the documentation for a solution.

Additional details:

Xibo Version: 4.0.3
Operating System: Linux
Browser: Chrome,Mozzila

I am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar issue and could guide me on how to resolve it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi Alan,

What do you mean by this please?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the responses. I’ve attached a screenshot for reference. I created and saved the layout, but when I try to create another with the same name, it says it already exists. Yet, it’s not visible in my list. Has anyone come across this issue?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Try checking “Todos as pasta” in the folder tree

I’ve checked the suggestion to look under “All folders”, but unfortunately, the layout still isn’t showing up in the list. However, I am certain there’s content in it. I’m beginning to suspect it might be a permissions issue, but I can’t seem to locate these folders in the installation files.

Has anyone experienced something similar or knows where these permission settings might be adjusted in Xibo? Any guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

In this screenshot it looks like you’re in “Library” instead of “Layouts” (I’m guessing a bit due to translations).

An update on the issue: I’ve noticed something peculiar. When I create a user with only the “Content Manager” role, the list of layouts appears as expected. This further makes me think that there might be a permissions or role-based issue at play.

Thank you!

Hello everyone,

I’ve made an observation regarding the issue. When I create a user with the “User Group Display Manager” profile and disable the feature “Display Management” (which is described as the “Page which shows all Display Groups that have been created”, as shown in the attached screenshot), the layouts for that specific user begin to list as expected.

However, it seems that this function cannot be disabled for the Superadmin role.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation or have any insights on this behavior and how it relates to the visibility of the layouts? Is there a workaround or a way to adjust the Superadmin settings to achieve the same result?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

That feature should be unrelated to Layouts.

In your screenshot showing the layout page, it looks like it is trying to show them and failing for some reason:


Please can you follow the “Report Fault” process in the CMS, and let us have the logs?


Hi @Alan_Pereira ,

I am facing the same issue. Have you found a solution?

I have just installed Xibo v4 in Windwos Server 2019 and created layouts. But in the layouts list page, no one is listed as if they were never saved.

But when I go to Administration → Settings → Display and click on default layout, all the created layout are present in the dropdown

Have you checked in all folders?
If any are tagged as Templates they will only be shown from the Templates page so check there too.

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Hi @natasha ,

Thank you for your reply. As you can see, in the Layout page, I have checked the All folders option, also in the Template page, but still nothing is listed