Issue adding display solution

Hello everyone, I see an error that is happening to you, the solution is to use a client in the old computer, it worked for me to change to a version of the installer, you can go to the forum and try with previous versions of .msi for windows this worked for me

The client found the type of response content 'text / plain; charset = UTF-8 ‘, but’ text / xml 'was expected.
Request error with error message:
There was an unknown error with XMDS, it has been registered. Please contact your administrator."

It’s not the hosting, it’s the version

Hi @Infinity_Tech,

If you see the above error message on a Windows player it is likely because you are trying to connect a player which is version R302.4 or later, to a v2 or v1 CMS.

The R302.4 and later Windows players are not able to connect to CMS versions prior to v3. You would need to either use a previous version of the player, or update your CMS to v3.

Kind Regards,