Is Xibo compatible for Windows 8.1 with bing


Could you please let me know whether xibo can be installed on Mini PC TV along with Windows 8.1 bing? I wanna use this Mini PC TV as digital signage player. Please find the link for Mini PC TV below.

Thanks in Advance.


I can’t see why it shouldn’t work, Windows 8 is for 100% not a problem, as for the Intel stick, well as I said it should work, but we didn’t test it, because of that I can’t say that it will work for sure.

Few ‘warnings’ that I can give you:

We’ve heard of some of these coming with "demo " versions of Windows - be sure it comes with a full version of Windows 8 (not a cut down one)

Also they’re quite low on power so I’d advise checking if things like tickers/videos work before committing to purchase more of these devices (if you have plans to do that)

I’m using the client on an Intel Compute Stick, w/ Windows 8.1
It works quite well; I’m disappointed in myself for having wasted so much time and effort with the Android Client.

Glad it’s working well for you. We’d be interested to hear how reliable that hardware turns out to be in the longer term.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the Android Player.

I’ve had a look through the forum and the service desk and don’t see any tickets or threads open regarding problems with the Android Player so if there’s anything we can do in that regard please do be in touch. Don’t forget if you’ve purchased a Xibo for Android licence you’re entitled to commercial support for it from Spring Signage so we should be able to help you get things up and running.


Actually, my experience with the Android player has improved… as my understanding of it increased.
I’ve licensed 2 copies to experiment and learn with. I won’t inundate their support yet - I can’t claim I fully understand the details.

Windows 8.1 does present an issue I’m still trying to figure out. That Metro desktop is so integrated into the system, it is proving to be difficult to keep it from taking over the Xibo client. Every restart causes the Metro desktop to come to the foreground, and Xibo to run in the background. Haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve experimented with a number of Windows “hacks” to return to the older Win 7 - style desktop, but they all end up botching the system. I might list a help ticket with the Microsoft folks to see what they suggest. I suspect I may have to look at replacing the OS and using a Window 8 embedded version.

As for the Intel Compute hardware (Win version, with twice the space and double the memory), I am impressed with how robust this little unit is. However, it is a bit of an overkill as a Xibo client. You’re paying for more hardware power than you really need.

It’s a shame the Xibo Linux client got abandoned. It would seem untimely, given that Ubuntu has effectively made desktop Linux far more mainstream than, perhaps, ever in Linux history.

We are using Xibo with 8.1 and have no issues with metro desktop, all we did was enable autologin and “go to desktop” feature:

Right-click on the taskbar -> properties -> navigation -> start screen section -> check box: “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start.”

Xibo is set to startup automatically and this has never failed once on multiple clients.

Thanks Jasmina,
I definitely enabled the autologin feature, however I was unaware of the “go to desktop” feature. Thank you for the instruction, I will try it out tomorrow.

I’m learning a lot, fast. And the Android client is working quite well for me now too. Having the Windows 8.1 option, especially on the Intel Compute Stick, is handy.

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Awesome. Well, that solved the last problem and it works perfectly. Jasmina, Thank you.
Let’s close this topic.

I can confirm that Xibo Windows client 1.7.4 for x86, operates perfectly on an Intel Compute Stick ( mod.# BOXSTCK1AWFC ). Pre-loaded Windows 8.1 with Bing, fully licensed.

I am using the name brand, Intel. Not a knock-off. For anyone that is curious about reliability, I can add that during my testing, the stick has been running 24/7 for 2 weeks and is only just mildly warm. It has a built-in micro fan (I can’t imagine how tiny it must be), but if you listen carefully, you can hear it spin up from time to time. Here’s where I personally would be cautious of the knock-offs. They typically save money somewhere, and it is usually quality of PCB assembly or elimination of costly items like micro fans or solid quality connectors.

This little thing is quite impressive, though it is a bit of an overkill for this application. I’m also using a generic Android stick with an ARM-9 Cortex and ver. 4.4.2 OS, that cost almost $100 less, and it too is now working perfectly with a licensed version of Xibo Android client.

Thanks for your feedback. It’s very useful :smile:

I’ll close the topic as you request.