Is there size limit that a DockerCMS can hold?

I started looking and thinking about how my CentOS 8 Linux Docker acts like it is full, but there’s still room left on the drive, although it acts like its full. We have it configured for 4 Gig files, and it cant take another 3 gig mp4 file. Perhaps the partition it is mounted on is limited in size. Do I dare try and extend the size using g-parted or some other Linux tool.

But now that all the content is built, and is loaded on the player, and successfully playing, do we need to keep the media files on the CMS? Is the media zipped into the layout files being played on the player?

So if I want to save all the layouts we built this year for reuse next year, whats the best way to go about handling that. At some point, I need to make more space for building layouts for January+. Whats the recommended method for handling this task?